New Justin Roberts Album "Pop Fly" Due in 2008

Neither of Chicago's baseball squads are still playing, but Justin Roberts has baseball on the brain. In his latest e-mail blast, Roberts announced plans to release his next CD, titled Pop Fly, in "early 2008." (There were also a bunch of baseball-themed metaphors that kinda stretched things pretty far, so I'm choosing to omit those here.)

I'd heard about the release plans before, but this was the first I've heard the album title (which, frankly, could be totally not about baseball, but rather about a paternal unit with unusual transportation capabilities). Having a title somehow makes it real, which means I can begin to get excited about it. Seeing as it was one of my Top 3 family albums of 2006, and the #1 release in 2006's "Fids & Kamily" poll, I think it's safe to say I'm looking forward to it.

Even if it's barely on the on-deck circle.