Please Release Me: October 2007

I haven't done a "Please Release Me" for a looooong time (October 2006, to be precise). For whatever reason, it just proved to be one of the less interesting things I did. That, and the entire industry seems to be moving toward the near-immediate release of CDs. (Radiohead announced this weekend they're releasing their new CD in 10 days.) Pretty soon mixing boards will include a button that will allow artists to ship the track they've just recorded directly to iTunes.

But this October seems particularly packed with promising releases. To wit:

Oct. 2 - Various Artists - For the Kids Three
Oct. 9 - Uncle Rock - Uncle Rock U
Oct. 9 - Various Artists - Every Child Deserves a Lifetime
Oct. 16 - Gustafer Yellowgold - Have You Never Been Yellow?
Oct. 20 - Recess Monkey - Wonderstuff
Oct. 23 - Father Goose - It's a Bam Bam Diddly!
Oct. 23 - Enzo Garcia - Field Trip with Enzo

Last week saw the release of a new Putumayo disk (Brazilian Playground) and albums from Buck Howdy and Meredith Brooks. And I haven't even mentioned all of them.

Now, many of these are already available through the artists and elsewhere, but in case you don't know whether I'll be posting reviews of these CDs (and more) in the next few weeks. Because to buy a dozen CDs would be insanely expensive. (Unless, of course, everybody adopts the Radiohead "pay-want-you-want" model.)