KidVid: "Polar Bear" - The Quiet Two

Opening lines aren't quite so big a deal in songs as they are in novels, but the opening line in "Polar Bear," by The Quiet Two, is pretty cool:

"Straight to the point, I wanna be a polar bear."

Direct enough for kids, odd enough to pull in the parents.

And now that the song has its own video on the debut Season Two episode of Jack's Big Music Show, it's about to go huge. Just like the song itself, the video is direct enough for kids (kids jumping around in polar bear outfits) and odd enough for the parents (the goofy animal masks and facial expressions).

To see the video, go to the videoplayer at Jack's page. Want the lyrics or to singalong, karaoke-style? Go here. Want a snippet of the regular track? Go here.

(And if you're not familiar with Make Some Noise, their debut album, you really, really should be.)