News: Stephin Merritt To Release Kids' Music CD, Tour

Someone who's both a reader and reviewee of this site pointed out this Pitchfork article from late yesterday which notes that Stephin Merritt (through his side project the Gothic Archies) will be releasing a CD to accompany the Lemony Snicket books. The Tragic Treasury: Songs from A Series of Unfortunate Events will be released Oct. 10 (not 13th as in the article) and include 13 tracks, one for each book in the series (previously released on the audiobooks), plus 2 new bonus tracks.

Merritt and Snicket (who looks suspiciously like author Daniel Handler) will be making musical appearances in bookstores across the country in October and November.

Merritt is a prolific artist (he's a man whose Magnetic Fields group once released a triple-CD album entitled 69 Love Songs -- the title described it perfectly), so I'm curious to see how he'll do with the discipline imposed by set texts.

Follow-up: Link to Nonesuch's album page, stream of 3 songs from the album.

More follow-up: Kelly at Big A little a has a link to an... odd Stephin Merritt - Lemony Snicket interview in the Guardian.