Links Are My Bandsaws

I don't have many power tools, and unless guided by somebody more adept, my puttering around the house is typically limited to replacing light bulbs or fixing [insert name of minor house failure -- and we have a lot of them -- here].

But I do putter around with my sidebar, and so I wanted to draw your attention to a couple additions there on the right.

First, Troy at Songstreet is a compatriot of Devon at Head, Shoulders.... If you're interested in musical activities with young kids, both sites are great places to go.

Second, although Bill at Spare the Rock will always be first among kids' radio equals for me, the fine folks at WFMU's Greasy Kids Stuff also have great playlists. You can see (and listen to) playlists here.

I should also note that the Lovely Mrs. Davis and Fran at the About Kids Music site have both continued to post lots of reviews recently and you should check them out if you don't on a regular basis.

Finally, thanks to a couple kids' books sites for links -- Big A little a and Book Buds. As many kids' music CDs are released every year, there are probably 5 times as many kids' books published. I don't have a kids' books sidebar section (yet), but those two are good places to start to learn more about new (and old) kids' books. (I also want to note that fellow blogger Clea at small ages has her own pair of crafty books out -- check out her blog for more details.)