Links: Father of Two

A few links to toss out the day before Father's Day. See if you can guess the common theme.

Bill, father of two, has SteveSongs in studio and has pictures of them and Milkshake to prove it. (Yeah, yeah, SteveSongs was prerecorded...)

Chag, father of two, has an amusing dadblog at Cynical Dad. In the all-important sports-world scoreboard, his affinity for the Yankees (a negative for me) is far outweighed by his affinity for the North Carolina Tar Heels (big thumbs up).

Thanks also to Brady Rymer, father of two, who mentioned my interview with him in his newsletter this week. (Sign up at his homepage.)

Oh, and I, father of two, have updated my "Songs for Dads" post.

Enjoy your Father's Day, y'all, father or not.