Nothing's So Good You Can't Post It Twice

Sometimes you can't help but revisit prior posts...

I've had the full copy of Dan Zanes and Friends' Catch That Train! for a few days now and I've expanded my review from last week just a bit to talk about the physical copy (scroll down to the end). As an aside, Zanes has covered (and written) enough material at this point to publish a family songbook of his own if he wanted to. Nicely illustrated with quality liner notes, I'd get a copy.

I continue to update my Album Recommendations by Age for each additional review I post, so if you've got a birthday coming up... I also continue to update my Baseball Songs and Train Songs lists as people comment or I stumble across an appropriate song on my own.

And, finally, I updated my review of Putumayo's Folk Playground CD from this morning, not to update the tone (fine but not outstanding) but to correct numerous grammatical errors. Hoo boy, it was early, but I can't blame those mistakes on the time.