"Because Dan Zanes would sure make one funny-looking Wiggle"

I was browsing the Parents Choice website just yesterday, and this article concerning the selections of their Spring 2006 music award-winners hadn't been posted yet. Devon points it out today. (Look for more reviews of some of the albums on the list in the weeks ahead right here.)

Also of note is an interview with XM Kids' Director of Children's Programming Kenny Curtis, who comments on the current state of children's music. My favorite part of the whole piece:

PC: Any Other Reason To Keep Promoting High Quality Kids
KC: Because Dan Zanes would sure make one funny-looking Wiggle.

Finally, I had meant to post this anyway -- Richard Perlmutter of Beethoven's Wig fame has 10 tips on "How To Get (and Keep) Your Child Excited About Classical Music." It's a good article, worth a read, but I would argue that his tips apply to all music, not just classical:

Start With Music
Mix It Up
See Music
Identify Instruments
Make Connections
Dig In
Take Music Lessons
Listen With Them
Make Up Songs
Do It Again (Repetition, Repetition, Repetition)

There is absolutely nothing in that list that should be restricted to classical music alone.