Hi! You're probably here because you heard me talk with Melissa Block about children's music on today's (Friday, April 7th) edition of All Things Considered. (If you did, can you please let me know how I did? I haven't heard the interview myself yet. East Coast bias...)

If you've developed a nasty twitch in your eye because you absolutely cannot stand the music your preschooler or elementary-aged child is listening to, take a few minutes to look at the reviews here, linked on the right-hand side or search on "review" up top. You may find an artist you're not aware of making music for kids and adults that you just might love. Or, at least, not hate. (We're pretty flexible around here.)

Find a list of albums reviewed here, organized by age, here. Here are my reviews of the Justin Roberts album Meltdown! and the Brady Rymer album Every Day Is A Birthday, which were discussed in the NPR piece. Reviews of the Laurie Berkner DVD and new Dan Zanes album are forthcoming.

You can also find links to people thinking and writing about (or even playing) kids' music on the right-hand side.

If you're a children's musician, I'm always on the lookout for good music I haven't yet heard. Find out how to get in touch with me here.

We'll be posting new stuff every week. I hope you'll stop by again another time to discover or discuss other music you and your kids can both enjoy.