Baby, You Look Faaaaabulous

Ah, yes, late nights at nightclubs. Getting home at 4 AM.

OK, I never really did that, and I get up at 4 AM now to deal with a 9-month-old who's cutting teeth and recovering from a stomach flu simultaneously. But it's always fun to reminisce about the good old days that never were, including going out to discos.

Except now I can. If I, er, live in New York, Philadelphia, Chicago, Boulder, and San Francisco, all of which have hosted or will soon host Baby Loves Disco events.

The concept?

DJs. Discos. Diaper changing stations.

That's right, now you can get loose on the dance floor with your very own kids dancing to (what I assume would include) tunes such as "Love Train," "Boogie Oogie Oogie," and -- why not? -- "Play That Funky Music." [Edit: Here's a sample playlist. None of the above, but "Ring My Bell," "Shake Your Groove Thing," and, yes, "I Will Survive."]

The sensible parent in me says, do we really want 4-year-olds to dance to disco music, which is not always the most child-friendly, lyrically? The fun guy in me says, this sounds like a lot of fun, and I bet my daughter would love it, too, assuming she wasn't too overwhelmed by the sheer visual and audio stimuli.

(Hat tip to the Semi-Official Ralph's World Message Board for the link.)


Today I was also going to post something about Chica-go-go, which a kind reader alerted me to. It had a very Pancake Mountain-like vibe which intrigued me. (It also appeared that half of the Bloodshot Recordings label has appeared on the show.)

But in case of blog-mind-meld, Clea beat me to it, and wrote more than I would've anyway. So go there instead.