News: Yet Another Children's Compilation Record

Definitely not "For the Kids Three!"

Paper Bag Records announced its new compilation of music for kids, "See You on the Moon," with a list that (for the most part) only an indie hipster could love. Let's face it, when a member from Low (Alan Sparhawk) is the fourth-most recognizable name on the list (after -- and there goes my indie cred -- Sufjan Stevens, Broken Social Scene, and Mark Kozelek), this isn't exactly KidzBop 9 we're talking about. It will be interesting to see whether any of these tracks actually speak to kids.

The CD is released March 21, 2006.

Here's the tracklist, for those of you obsessed with that sort of stuff.

01. Alan Sparhawk - Be Nice to People With Lice
02. Great Lake Swimmers - See You On The Moon!
03. Sufjan Stevens - The Friendly Beasts
04. Montag - Kiddo 1
05. Apostle of Hustle feat. The Husky's - 24 Robbers
06. Junior Boys - Max
07. Broken Social Scene - Puff The Magic Dragon
08. FemBots - Under The Bed
09. Montag - Kiddo 3
10. Glissandro 70 - Voices are Your Best Friend
11. Mark Kozelek - Leo and Luna
12. Detective Kalita - Baby Brother
13. Montag - Kiddo 2
14. Hot Chip - I Can't Wake Up
15. Kid Koala feat. Lederhosen Lucil - Fruit Belt
16. Montag - Bonne Nuit Etienne
17. Rosie Thomas - Faith's Silver Elephant

Thanks to Stereogum for the heads-up.