Links: Step Up To The Sidebar

As you can tell during your daily visits to this fine website (and you are visiting daily, right?), the sidebar is under more construction than Central Avenue during light rail construction. (Sorry for the local Phoenix reference, y'all.)

Slowly but surely, I've been adding review and artist links to the sidebar, with more (links and reviews) coming daily. I've also been adding other links of note.

I started this blog 18 months or more ago because there wasn't much on the Internet on children's music. That's changed somewhat -- it's still hit-and-miss, but that's better than miss-and-miss. While there are more links coming, I did want to point out three recent additions of relatively new blogs:

  • Head, Knees, Shoulders, and all that... is a blog written by Devon, a teacher of music to young kids in Japan. His blog has a bit of pedagogical bent, but never to the point of dullness or incomprehension. He has also helped record a children's music CD, which gives him an(other) interesting perspective.
  • (Sm)all Ages is written by Clea, novelist (among other things), who imparts an indie-music perspective on kids' music. My favorite parts of the blog (despite her impeccable indie-music taste) are her occasional thematic lists of songs -- click here if you're a hand-clappin' fan.
  • The Lovely Mrs. Davis Tells You What To Think is written by, er, the Lovely Mrs. Davis, natch. She covers a wide range of kiddie media on her blog. And although as a parent, she should know that just because you ask politely doesn't always mean you get what you want, in this case, yes, you may add me to your blogroll -- thanks for asking.

More links (and reviews, and news, and views, and -- I'm not promising anything, folks -- ramblings) will follow in the coming days. As always, thanks for reading.