News: New Dan Zanes CD Coming This May

Dan Zanes has, without a doubt, the best kids' music e-mail newsletter going.

Or, at least, it's the fanciest-schmanciest.

Occasionally it even includes bits of news worth passing along. His e-mail earlier this week includes this note from Zanes (or his e.e. cummings-obsessed PR-person/webmaster):

"the new dz and friends family cd is finished! it's called catch that train! it will be released in mid may. in addition to that old gang of mine which includes: father goose, barbara, cynthia, colin, yoshi, wunmi, and the rubi theater company, there are guest appearances by: the blind boys of alabama, nick cave, the children of agape, the kronos quartet, and natalie merchant."

So there you go. Nick Cave doesn't really strike me as a children's music artist, but neither did Philip Glass, and that turned out wonderfully on House Party, so what do I know?