Contest: The Top 50 Kids Songs of All Time

It's time for the first-ever Zooglobble contest.

Later this week, I'll start counting down my (highly subjective) list of the top 50 kids songs of all time.

And I have a bright, shiny new CD for the person who can most closely guess my Top 5.
I'm talking about classics here, not an idiosyncratic list of songs. I'll be listing songs that kids and artists have sung over and over, mostly songs that many American kids have heard at least a few times in their lives. In other words, I might think the Jellydots' "Bicycle" is an awesome song (because it is), but it's fairly new and hasn't had a chance to make its way into the kids music culture. Having said that, my list won't solely be composed of public-domain classics -- look for some newer songs to be on the list, too.

The rules:
1. List your guesses in order from 1 to 5 in the comments of this post.
2. You get one guess -- your first one and that's all.
3. You will need to include your e-mail in your guess.
4. The winner will be the person who guesses the #1 song.
5. Assuming there's a tie in #4, the winner will be the person who guesses the most songs in my top 5.
6. Assuming there's a tie in #5, the winner will be the person who guesses the right placement in #2, then #3, etc.
7. If there's still a tie, well, we'll see what we can do.
8. All entries are due before I post songs #20 and above. (I expect to post roughly 10 per week.)

No, I don't know yet what CD the winner will receive, but it'll be a CD of high-quality kids' music, of that I can guarantee.

If you have questions, post 'em here, too. Have fun!