How Can We Lose A Record Label? We Never Had One!

Aw, c'mon, let's actually make it into 2007 before we start seeing examples of why the bloom is off the kids' music rose...

This note on the Terrible Twos' website:

The record will be available in stores nation wide in March. It was supposed to come out in January on Kid Rhino but they folded. So, now it's coming out on Paquito Records in March.
Well, gosh, and Kid Rhino was just supposed to be ramping up their efforts.

Worst. Ramp. Up. Ever.

I'm trying to get some confirmation of this, but even if it has everything to do with WEA and nothing to do with kids' music, it's still sorta sad -- I was looking forward to seeing what a label with Warner's resources could do with the album.

Still, for all you people looking for Terrible Twos' lyrics (seeing as I steadfastly refuse to break copyright law by posting 'em), coloring pages with lyrics for "Caroline," "We Can All Get Along With Dinosaurs," "If You Ever See An Owl," and "Oneplusoneistwo" are now available at the band's Myspace page. No chords, but this way you can sing along.