Are The Terrible Twos Better Than the Wiggles?

An interesting discussion over at (sm)all ages about the Terrible Twos and the Wiggles, the closest thing to a KIDS MUSIC BLOGGERS FITE! I've seen in some time. It's worth reading.

In any case, the album, which is pretty awesome, is going to be re-released on Kid Rhino at the end of January. But you can order it now from CDBaby, and here's the cool part -- rather than listening to the same two songs sampled at the Terrible Twos' website over and over, the CDBaby page has nice more-than-30-second samples of all the songs.

(As for my take on the debate, I agree with Eric that it's just poor form for a musician to slag on another musician. Spend time talking about what makes your music yours, not defining it by what it's not. But I think Jeff's close to the mark when he talks about the commercialization aspect. Combine that with the narrow distribution channels of most kids music, and it's no wonder that many parents get tired of the Wiggles... it's because it's the only game in town, the only thing you see as you're tooling around Target with your kids. There's a lot of great music out there -- it's one of the reasons I've been writing about kids music for five years now -- but it takes work to find it, and most families know that time can be a scarce resource.)