Isn't It Uke?

A few weeks, Bill and I had a debate whether Paul Westerberg's endorsement of a cheapo $159 guitar was a good or bad thing.

Prepare for Round 2.

A note on Dan Zanes' latest newsletter (currently posted here) noted that he was selling a "limited edition" lime green ukelele for, yes, $159. (I'm guessing the quality will be a llittle better than that of the guitar.)

Despite my ambivalence about the idea of plastering a name on an object and selling it, I quickly ordered one because a) it'll be a while before I can get the rehearsal space for the drum set I really want, and b) I noticed there were only 45 that were going to be made available and figured they would sell out very fast.

Sure enough, they're already sold out.

Now, can anybody sell me the Zanes-ian hair?