7 Down. Band I Like A Lot With New Song Stream. Five Letters, Starts With 'S'. Anyone?

I can't decide -- is it Spoon or the Shins?

Spoon's "The Book I Write" is from the upcoming movie Stranger Than Fiction while the Shins' "Phantom Limb" is from their upcoming January Sub Pop release, Wincing the Night Away. Both songs are pleasant enough, though not an immediate favorite on initial listen. (Still doesn't mean I won't be getting Wincing on album release day, January 23.)

Who got 10 Across?

Name a family-friendly Spoon or Shins song. Go.

I vote for the Shins' "Turn A Square". I think Bill's played Spoon's "Lines in the Suit," which isn't so bad a choice, either. (It's an awesome song.)