Where Is Montana?

Miley Cyrus, via her Disney Channel alter-ego, Hannah Montana, hit #1 on the Billboard charts this week, beating debuts from My Chemical Romance and John Legend.

My kids are almost as far away from the MCR and John Legend demographics as they are from the Hannah Montana-demographic. The eldest has a ways to go before reaching her tween-age years and -- much more importantly -- we don't have cable.

But what was the normally-on-the-ball Idolator doing being surprised by Cyrus grabbing the top spot? I'm only an indie-hipster-pretender (I haven't even attempted to download the leaked Shins CD, that's how far out of the loop I am), but I coulda told you that Disney Channel + tweens + a $10 CD/DVD = lots of allowance money changing hands.

C'mon, Idolator, you said it yourself later in the story -- "The soundtrack is the fourth Disney-produced record this year to debut in the top 10." That should've been your first clue.