The Code Witch: A Pre-Teen Fantasy Novel With a Female Programmer


Description : Programmer Ada Lovelace is having a bit of a Kickstarter moment.  There was Wollstonecraft, a YA novel about Lovelace and Mary Shelley (programming and  steampunk), and now a novel from a pair of Stanford University seniors, Sarah Sterman and Elise Guinee-Cooper are writing The Code Witch .  It's a pre-teen fantasy novel featuring a female programmer, whose setup is described as "a dragon shows up at Ada's door, starting an adventure of magic and coding."

Miss Mary Mack might very well be the perfect target audience for this novel -- interested in reading and math, and probably susceptible to being swayed into coding.  Even though my coding days never got past computer science classes in high school, I'm excited about the idea that more women should be coding, and every little bit, even fictional narratives, can change the culture.  $8 gets you the e-book, $15, the paperback.