Empathy and Creative Dialogue Toy


Project:  A toy for empathy: unlocking creativity at all ages

CreatorTwenty One Toys

Description:  A lot of the wooden toys on Kickstarter encourage creativity, but that's sort of a byproduct of the toy itself.  The "Empathy and Creative Dialogue Toy" from the Canadian company Twenty One Toys is much more designed with creativity (and empathy) as the end product, using the toy as the medium through which those skills are taught.

The basic concept is that one player puts together five blocks of a color, then has to aid a second player in putting together her own set of blocks in exactly the same way.. while blindfolded.  You don't know a man until you've walked a mile in his shoes or put together his puzzle blocks blindfolded.  To me, even more than empathy, this project teaches communication.

Anyway, backing the project will help the company process an order for 1,000 sets at dramatically reduced prices.  You can grab a set for yourself and/or your classroom, too.