Listen To This: Steve-n-steveN (or, Steve Burns and Steven Drozd)

UniVsOcto.pngToday the Flaming Lips are releasing their latest studio album, a two-disk set entitled Embryonic. Seems like it's as good a time as any to start talking about Steve-n-steveN, the collaboration featuring Blue's Clues star-turned-indie rocker Steve Burns and multi-instrumentalist Steven Drozd from the Flaming Lips. This collaboration's been talked about for a while (the songs have been posted for awhile, too), and given Burns' and Drozd's previous foray into music for kids, the fact that it's getting closer is Good News For All Involved. The "About" description sums up the 6 songs on the Myspace page thusly:
One day, while searching everywhere for Princess Rainbow, a lonely unicorn named Steve Burns met a magical musical octopus named Steven Drozd in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. "Hi," said Steve to Steven. "I like writing stories about outer space, wizards, and feelings." "That's cool," said Steven to Steve while playing a bass guitar, Micro Moog synthesizer, and two Stylophones simultaneously. "I like to make brain burning musical soundscapes. Maybe you could add your stories to my music." "Okay", answered Steve, "let's always do that right here in Oklahoma and never in New York City." And that's just what they did... for all us children.
Songs about poop, facts, unicorns, and octopi. Basically, it's Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots (already one of the best not-kids-albums that's really a kids' album) meets preschool. And, yeah, it really sounds like that. Totally worth 20 minutes or so of your attention. (Thanks to Cormac at Kids-Tunes for the reminder.)