Share: "Kiss Ya Mommy" - Ralph & Ralph

A new Mother's Day song from Ralph and Ralph, free for the asking. I'm guessing that the moms out there would probably prefer something more substantial than, you know, an mp3, but maybe the non-moms out there can play it while bringing in breakfast in bed. Not found on their debut Opposites, the band is, I believe, the first family musicians to work in the word "dissed" in a kids song. Go to the website and click on "Free Download."

Little Monsters, Big Expectations

So with the collapse of V2 Records, one might be wondering what the future of Little Monster Records is. I have word that Little Monster Records will be announcing a new home soon, which I'm very excited about, because even though I found their Beatles release underwhelming, I'm increasingly excited about the rest of their release schedule. To wit: yesterday's WNYC Soundcheck, which included Little Monster's Kevin Salem. About 10 minutes in they play a portion of the title track to their upcoming Let's Go Everywhere CD, and it's nothing less than what would you get if you combined Johnny Cash (specifically "I've Been Everywhere") and jazz funk. In a good way. In an awesome way. Folks, John Lurie is performing on the album -- this is going to be interesting at the very least and could be great. To wit, part deux: Well, sadly, I don't have a part deux, because Ralph and Ralph have deleted a blog post where they talked about their goals for the new album. But now it's gone (or they've deleted their old myspace page with the post) and I can't really say anything other than "I read it, and it made me excited to hear even more tracks than what's on their myspace page. Knew I should've posted it at the time...

New Music from Ralph & Ralph. (No, not that Ralph.)

More music from Little Monster Records recording artists Ralph & Ralph, this time at their new Myspace site. Four songs, one for each member of Ralph & Ralph. Yeah, that's what I said. There are actually 4 members of the band, two of 'em women. In any case, while I really like "Ralph and Ralph's Song" (previously available), "Supposed to Cry" is also pretty good. All sorts of crazy instruments from that band. "Sounds like: nothin' else!" Indeed. Can't wait to hear the full-length CD.

New Ralph and Ralph Song Sounds Nothing Like Ralph's World

Remember the other day when I talked about Little Monster Records and wondered who the mysterious "Ralph & Ralph" were? You don't? Really? Oh, well, you're probably not getting enough sleep. Anyway, I still don't know who they are, but maybe some of the eagle-eared readers out there can identify voices from the new Ralph & Ralph track posted on their "Sounds" page. "Ralph and Ralph's Song" is a slow, loping song that Randy Newman might write and includes the following couplet, which is either a 1) biting meta-commentary on the digital music distribution process or 2) feel-good life lesson. "A record costs money / but a song is for free." Indeed.