Interview: Kenny Loggins

KennyLoggins_lowres.jpg Zooglobble: What did you listen to as a kid? Kenny Loggins: Well, my parents tried "What's Up, Doc?" But I had big brothers, and so I listened to Bob Dylan, Buddy Holley, the Rolling Stones. I listened to Dick Huggins, who had a rockabilly show. I'd listen with the covers over my head at midnight. He played early R&B -- "forbidden music." There's was a joy sharing that with my big brothers. Eventually I came around to James Brown, Chuck Berry, Fats Domino... Tell me about how you got into the kids music genre... I remember that after Leap of Faith, Danny, my executive at Sony called me and I said I wanted my next album to be Return to Pooh Corner. He said no, but I insisted. I had a real clear picture in my mind of what I wanted to do. The secret to calming the child is calming the mother. Is it possible a parent could love something as much as my kid? The album became the biggest-selling kids' album of all time -- I hit the adult audience, too. I got thank you notes from Quincy Jones, Don Henley. Right now the kids music genre is still defining itself, figuring it out through trial and error. It's so unclearly defined that I don't completely trust the definition. What was the inspiration for the new album?

Video: "First There Is A Mountain" - Kenny Loggins

AllJoinIn.jpgWhen Kenny Loggins' first kids CD, Return to Pooh Corner came out in 1994, didn't even exist. Now Loggins has a new album coming out, All Join In, on the new Disney Pearl imprint, and he's premiering the first video from the album on Amazon. It's for the old Donovan tune, "First There Is A Mountain," and it's one of my favorite tracks from the CD. The song (and video) features Loggins' 11-year-old daughter Hana, lots of sunshine, and a really big chair. I like it. Watch the video here. All Join In is out July 21.