Share: "Family Time Rocks! The Universe" - Family Time Rocks! (Sara Hickman)

FamilyTimeRocksWould you like a really cool album? How about for free? Of course you would, 'cause, you know, really cool albumfor free. Well, Sara Hickman and her partners in crime Family Time Rocks! have just given you that opportunity with Family Time Rocks! The Universe. It's one of Hickman's products as part of her year as the 2010 Texas State Musician, and it's worth your time even if you've never said "y'all" once. Given that it's designed to get families to be creative together, the stories told in a wide variety of languages probably won't hold a lot of repeat-listening value unless you're somewhat proficient in those languages, but there are some really great songs on the album, particularly as you get into it. It features the previously-noted-as-fabulous "Bananas," the rockin' "Turn it Off!" and much more. Download or stream it here or using the fancy widget below. And then go make up a song with your own family. [Edit: Lots of activities related to the album are here -- even the foreign-language stories have activities.]

The Ketchup Report, Vol. 2

I optimistically titled my first attempt at a generic roundup of Volume 1, but, hey, here's Volume 2! All the news too small for its own post, super-sized for you. -- As previously noted, Tor Hyams was developing a new podcast and the first episode of Kindiecast premiered last weekend. Thirty minutes, 8 songs -- stream or download it here. (And today the website notes that Recess Monkey has another batch of songs ready to go, but those guys write songs in their sleep, I think.) Anyways, iTunes podcasting will be happening shortly... -- Speaking of Hyams, Frances England's Mind of My Own (produced by Hyams) is released Nov. 9th and she's got a lot of new stuff associated with the release. This weekend she's got a new show on Sirius-XM's Kids Place Live (check there for details), she's selling artwork, and, while I have a vague memory that Frances told me about these "Creative Family Challenges" contests, the first one is now here and embedded below: -- Speaking of upcoming albums, The Baby Grands release their new album The Baby Grands II on Nov. 16, and today only they're running a deal on Plum District's Atlanta site to get that and their debut album for just $9 plus shipping... I like the creative thinking on getting their music out in front of a wide audience... -- To complete the upcoming album trifecta, The Boogers' second album Let's Go! comes out Nov. 23rd and they're letting you have one of the energetic album's best tracks, "Otto's Orange Day," for the price of an e-mail address. Go here to grab it. -- The Deedle Deedle Dees' Lloyd Miller will be recording his November sing-a-alongs in Brooklyn for a new album to be released soon. For free. Woot! -- Gustafer Yellowgold has a blog. Yes, a blog.

Family Time Rocks Adds Dave Grohl

OK, not really. But you know how I told you about Sara Hickman's long list of 2010 activities? And how Sara Hickman's been making music with Jason Molin? Well, they'be been cranking out more demos. Yeah, the awesome "Bananas" is still there, along with some other demos, including "Family Time Rocks." What's that all about? Well, it has something to do with Family Time Rocks, Hickman's and Molin's attempt to use her status as Texas State Musician to get families to get more creative. (That website just has a splash page that doesn't do anything, but does have a Nov. 7 date. Hmmmm....) Anyway, all that would be reason enough to post something and to be excited, but here's where I blow your minds, folks. Guess who's joining Family Time Rocks?