Video: "Pizza Moon" - Earthworm Ensemble

I can't say that "Pizza Moon" is on my list of favorite songs on Earthworm Ensemble's self-titled debut. But on video, some of the things that seemed a little over the top (e.g., Zachariah's rapping) play just fine. I dig the way that Zachariah gets into it here. A nice 3 1/2-minute diversion... Earthworm Ensemble - "Pizza Moon" [YouTube]

Video: "Mama Loves You" - Earthworm Ensemble

The quality of this video from LA's Earthworm Ensemble, the I'm From Barcelona of kids music groups (seriously, tons of folks in the band, including members of I See Hawks in LA and lots more) is pretty low, but I'm a sucker for a gentle melody. And pictures of meerkats. This has got both of 'em. "Mama Loves You" is from their self-titled debut album, which won't get an official release for another month or two, but is available now if you're interested... Earthworm Ensemble - "Mama Loves You" [YouTube]