Songs for Junior Rangers Sampler


Artist: Various Artists

AlbumSongs for Junior Rangers 

Description:  For another couple weeks (early September), you can download more than half of the songs from this 2013 album coordinated and mostly written by Ranger Jeff Wolin celebrating national parks and the flora and fauna within.  Includes recordings from Aaron Nigel Smith and Trout Fishing in America, among others.  Download via the National Park Service link below. 

Source: National Park Service 

Assorted Songs from Club Penguin


Artist:  Club Penguin

Song: Various

Album: Various

Description: Let's be clear -- we are not a Club Penguin household.  But I'm sure there are a handful of homes out there who would be interested to know that you can get more than a few Club Penguin songs for free.  Who am I to disappoint these fans of kid-friendly massive multiplayer online games featuring vaguely electronica songs?   (Hey, "Gotta Have a Wingman" is kinda catchy, even if within the context of the game it's probably an ad to encourage more purchases of "puffles.")  I've embedded a couple here, more at that Bandcamp link just below.

Source: Bandcamp 

Music Box New Zealand Kids Music Sampler

Artist: Various Artists

Album:  Music Box

Description: In conjunction with the announcement of the Children's Music Awards recently in New Zealand (Best Children's Music Album won by fleaBITE for Circus of Fleas ), APRA (the Australian/New Zealand equivalent of ASCAP) released a limited-time-only free download of 20 New Zealand kindie songs which competed for Best Children's Music Song at the awards.  There are a couple fleaBITE songs on there, of course, but you might find one or two artists that strike your fancy.  (I personally was intrigued by Chanelle Davis.)  But hurry -- it's only available through August 12

Source: Download the zip file here

Summer 2013 Road Trip Playlist - Various Artists

Artists: Various

Album: Summer 2013 Road Trip Playlist

Description: From the fine folks at Bunch Family (with help from Beth Blenz-Clucas), a playlist of 2013 songs for summer 2013.  OK, just kidding, it's only 13 songs.  But they're a free download until June 1.  Includes great tracks like Justin Roberts' "Fruit Jar" (not new), Key Wilde & Mr. Clarke's "Wander Round the World" (new), and "Hard Travelin'" by Alastair Moock with the Okee Dokee Brothers (so new it's not even released yet).  Grab it quick, folks!

Source: Bunch Family

Lullaby & Lovesong Sampler - Mae Robertson


Artist: Mae Robertson

Album: Lullaby & Lovesong Sampler

Description: Robertson's albums of lullabies were among the first kids music albums we really took to in our household, especially All Through the Night (review).  Even if I didn't like her most recent album Dream quite as much, it was probably unfairly fighting against her previous work.  Now with this new sampler from all four of her albums, you (and your sleepy baby) can hear for yourself Robertson's rich and comforting voice for the price of an e-mail.

Source: NoiseTrade

Freebee (Sampler) - Yumzah! (Steve Lee)


Artist: Yumzah

Album: Freebee (Sampler)

Age Range: 4 through 9

Description: I've previously pointed you in the direction of many of these free songs, but now Nashville's Steve Lee is gearing up to play shows (and new songs) in his new band Yumzah! so he's repackaged many of the songs from his fabulous 2007 debut album What Did You Do Today, Stephen Scott Lee? for this free sampler.  Really, people, would I bother sending you to the same basic set of songs a second time if I didn't think some of it was really, really great?  Download this thing.

Source: Bandcamp

NABE Promo - Mister G

Artist: Mister G

Album: NABE Promo

Description: Three tracks from the bilingual Massachusetts musician presumably (and appropriately) distributed at the National Association for Bilingual Education.  Two of the tracks are from Mister G's latest album Chocolalala, with the third from its predecessor Bugs.

Source: Bandcamp

23 Skidoo Sampler EP - Secret Agent 23 Skidoo


Artist: Secret Agent 23 Skidoo

Album23 Skidoo Sampler EP

Description: A stellar 5-song EP from the talented kid-hop purveyor.  Includes the anthem "Gotta Be Me" and radio hit "Space Cadet."

Source: Bandcamp