The Peculiar Tales of the S.S. Bungalow EP - S.S. Bungalow


Artist: S.S. Bungalow

Album: The Peculiar Tales of the S.S. Bungalow (EP)

Description: Titled an EP, this is really just a sampler of the full-length album funded via Kickstarter.  You've already heard their demo tracks, perhaps, now listen to five tracks of the intricately crafted Americana weirdness (that's a compliment, folks) and download 'em for the price of an e-mail (and anything you'd like to tip the fine folks from Portland).

Source: Noisetrade

Freebee (Sampler) - Yumzah! (Steve Lee)


Artist: Yumzah

Album: Freebee (Sampler)

Age Range: 4 through 9

Description: I've previously pointed you in the direction of many of these free songs, but now Nashville's Steve Lee is gearing up to play shows (and new songs) in his new band Yumzah! so he's repackaged many of the songs from his fabulous 2007 debut album What Did You Do Today, Stephen Scott Lee? for this free sampler.  Really, people, would I bother sending you to the same basic set of songs a second time if I didn't think some of it was really, really great?  Download this thing.

Source: Bandcamp

Big Stories for Little Ones - Rain For Roots

I've heard quite a few albums of Christian music for kids.  I don't mention many of them here not for philosophical reasons (last fall's religious record roundup notwithstanding), but because they're often pretty uncompelling musically.

This four-song sampler from the new quartet Rain for Roots suggests strongly that their forthcoming (May 15th) debut album Big Stories for Little Ones (based on the poems of Sally Lloyd-Jones) will be in the minority of musically worthy records.  Coal Train Railroad's Katy Bowser is part of the band, so there's a little bit of kids music background already, but singers Sandra McCracken, Ellie Holcomb, and Flo Paris sound like they're ready to jump in.  I don't think Ricky Gervais or Richard Dawkins will be downloading this, but I think Christians who dig this website will dig this.

Groovin' in the Garden - Story Laurie

You can download five of the tracks from Story Laurie's recent album Groovin' in the Garden via Noisetrade for the price of a mere e-mail.  With Laurie McIntosh handling the vocals and songwriting, and a bunch of musicians including Dog on Fleas' Dean Jones on a kajillion instruments (and producing), it's a fresh (pun intended) take on food-friendly folk.