Newborn: The Itty Biddies

IttyBiddies.jpgI'm kicking off a new series today, though it's really not different from what we've been doing here at Zooglobble since the beginning -- highlighting music you might not otherwise be aware of. In particular, the "Newborn" series will feature artists who have only just begun to dip their toes into the kiddie pool. If I'd made the connection last week, I might've had Space Balloons kick off this series, but instead I'm going to introduce you to the Itty Biddies. The Biddies are a side project of The Lascivious Biddies, a NYC-based "cocktail pop" trio featuring Lee Ann Westover on lead vocals and ukulele, pianist Deidre Rodman, and bass player Saskia Lane (yes, of Dan Zanes' band). After Rodman and Lane each had a child, the trio started writing songs for kids. One thing led to another, and now they're playing a number of shows for the wee ones, including a number of shows for CarnegieKids. You can hear a number of songs, both covers ("Ask" by the Smiths -- well, duh! that's a perfect kids' song!) and originals, at their website. Unsurprisingly, for a band that's been together for a decade (in adult form, anyways), the playing is tight and the harmonies are tighter. And if they record more songs like "Brighter Days" below, then I'm sold.

The Itty Biddies sing "Brighter Days" from Lascivious Biddies on Vimeo.

Here's a live video with an energetic crowd, to be sure...