"Night Owl" - Uncle Dox

Artist: Uncle Dox

Song: "Night Owl"

Album: N/A

Description: I'm a sucker for good jangle-pop song, and the paper-cutout stop-motion video from the Minnesota-based artist that goes along with this celebration of those kids who just don't like their 8 PM bedtime is very cute.

Source: YouTube

"We All Shine" - Play Date

Artist: Play Date

Song: "We All Shine"

AlbumWe All Shine

Description: The title track from Play Date's second album sits firmly in the poppier end of the pop-punk spectrum the New Jersey-based duo, so it's not surprising that this song celebrating nature and our part in it features dancing cacti, pine trees, and sunflowers.  But, man, are those anthropomorphic animals and geographic features -- my favorite are the chorus of mountains -- from director Ellliot Lobell cute cute cute.

Source: YouTube

"Top of the World" - Helen Austin

Artist: Helen Austin

Song: "Top of the World"

Album: Always Be a Unicorn

Description: I probably would have considered tossing all those random detritus of miniature toys, but in the new video from Vancouver-based artist Austin about looking down from far above they get repurposed for exploration.

Source: YouTube