"Night Owl" - Uncle Dox

Artist: Uncle Dox

Song: "Night Owl"

Album: N/A

Description: I'm a sucker for good jangle-pop song, and the paper-cutout stop-motion video from the Minnesota-based artist that goes along with this celebration of those kids who just don't like their 8 PM bedtime is very cute.

Source: YouTube

"Out of Tune" - The Okee Dokee Brothers

Artist: The Okee Dokee Brothers

Song: "Out of Tune"

Album: Through the Woods

Description: I generally don't find "fan-sourced" videos of much interest -- it's like looking through random strangers' random Facebook or Instagram pages.  But using the concept for OKB's song about the importance of singing regardless of whether you think you have "talent" or not is kinda brilliant, actually.  Listening to kids play guitars, banjos, and whatever instrument they happen to have on hand and sometimes sing "Out of Tune" (sometimes in tune) fits perfectly.

Source: YouTube

"Triangular Triangles" - The Bazillions

Artist: The Bazillions

Song: "Triangular Triangles"

Album: Heads or Tales

Description: Another video from the band's Kickstarter project via eg design.  Songs about math are probably harder, generally speaking, to visualize than those about words (let alone stories), so while the base song works well, the video itself pretty much does a perfect job in describing those three types of triangles.

Source: Vimeo

"Fanny Pack" - Koo Koo Kanga Roo

Artist: Koo Koo Kanga Roo

Song: "Fanny Pack"

Album: Whoopty Whoop

Description: If you had told me that I would be posting a video that includes the use of Comic Sans, I would not have believed you.  But this lyric video for the first single from the Twin Cities' band forthcoming May 2014 album is so gloriously goofy (think of the song source), that I could not hold my churlish standards for long.

Source: YouTube