What Was That Sound? - Papa Crow


Artist: Papa Crow

AlbumWhat Was That Sound?

Age Range: 3 through 9

Description: There's no better way to make sure old farts like me (see what I did there?) don't get too comfortable with your musical output than to follow up a warm-hearted album for cold days (Things That Roar) with an EP of fart songs for families.  It's still warm-hearted, but the 5 tracks here are silly, too.  Papa Crow (AKA Michigan's Jeff Krebs) even mocks his gentle folk troubadour persona by converting one of the songs on the first album to "All The Things That Fart."  And "Fart Like a Pirate" might just be the best fart song ever.  Songs about flatulence have to be a bit transgressive, but not too much so (for a family audience), and What Was That Sound? deftly negotiates that line.  Some of the songs on the 11-minute album can be heard at Papa Crow's Soundcloud page.  Definitely recommended.  (Glad I got that out of my system.)