Summer 2016 Road Trip sampler - Various Artists

Artist: Various Artists

Album: N/A

Description: This is a solid 11 tracks -- more than 35 minutes -- of music courtesy of artists working with Sugar Mountain PR this spring and summer.  It's called a "road trip" sampler, but there's nothing necessarily summer- or vacation-themed about it.  But with songs from Frances England, the Sugar Free Allstars, and the Not-Its, the Okee Dokee Brothers, and more -- not to mention songs from as-yet-unreleased albums by The Whizpops, Brady Rymer, and 123 Andres -- it will do just nicely even if you're just shuttling the kids to the municipal pool or lounging around at home.  Grab it quickly, as it'll only be available for the downloading through May 25.

Source: Soundcloud

"Jelly Beans!" - Mista Cookie Jar and the Chocolate Chips

Artist: Mista Cookie Jar and the Chocolate Chips

Song: "Jelly Beans!"

Album: N/A (upcoming release)

Description: Featuring a sugar-infused electro-blues (again, MCJ is kindie's hyphenate king) amped to 11, lyrical delivery from 14-year-old Ava Flava (with an assist from Mista Cookie Jar), this ode to the sugar- (or corn syrup-)filled candy winds up and up until it crashes at the very end.  The free download crashes (i.e., ends) just about the time your kids will crash after eating their Easter candy (i.e., sometime Easter Sunday).

Source: Bandcamp

The Peculiar Tales of the S.S. Bungalow EP - S.S. Bungalow


Artist: S.S. Bungalow

Album: The Peculiar Tales of the S.S. Bungalow (EP)

Description: Titled an EP, this is really just a sampler of the full-length album funded via Kickstarter.  You've already heard their demo tracks, perhaps, now listen to five tracks of the intricately crafted Americana weirdness (that's a compliment, folks) and download 'em for the price of an e-mail (and anything you'd like to tip the fine folks from Portland).

Source: Noisetrade

The Peculiar Tales of the S.S. Bungalow (Demo Tracks)


Artist: The S.S. Bungalow (aka Jason Reuter)

Album: The Peculiar Tales of the S.S. Bungalow

Description: It's a Kickstarter project from Portland, it's a plane... no, it's just a Kickstarter project from Portland.  They've got less than 2 days to go, and they're close.  Perhaps a free download (or even a spin) of 3 demo tracks from the album might convince you.  I think you might be pleasantly surprised and inspired to throw in a ducat or two. 

Source: NoiseTrade

"Hinterlands" - Dog on Fleas

Artist: Dog on Fleas 

Song: "Hinterlands" 

Album: Buy One, Get One Flea 

Description: New music from the New York band Dog on Fleas is always reason for celebration.  Especially when it's free.  It's from their upcoming 2014 album (love that title, by the way), and their description -- "adventurous songs on the jazzier, campier side of things" -- fits this lovely, shambling track perfectly. 

Source: Bandcamp