Video: "Butterfly Driving a Truck" - Chris Ballew

Check out the sharp new, er, Sharpies employed by Chris Ballew and his daughter Josie for his latest video. It's "Butterfly Driving a Truck" from Ballew's latest Caspar Babypants album SING ALONG! (that's an order, though a relatively easy one to comply with for that album). It's a simple video to go along with a simple song, but cute and well-presented -- very nice. Chris Ballew - "Butterfly Driving a Truck" [YouTube]

Share: Stream Laura Veirs' "Tumble Bee" on NPR

TumbleBee.jpgI think this is a first for NPR -- a children's music album streaming at their website. It's Laura Veirs' lovely album Tumble Bee, which is officially out next week. It's a half-hour of your time (and your kids' time) well-spent, maybe tomorrow or the rest of the week -- think of it as the antidote to the sugar rush they might just be on. Go here to stream the album. (By the way, go here to sign up via Facebook for a free download of the title track.)

The Five Best Halloween Kids Music Videos... Ever?

Well, of course not. I mean, I'm sure a Halloween kids music video will come out next year that will knock number 5 below out of the list. [Ed.: Heck, I forgot one already, added as #6, that should've been in the top 5.] But they're five videos six worth your family's 15 minutes or so. 5. John Hadfield - "Robot Monkey Head" [YouTube] OK, technically speaking this isn't a Halloween video. But it darn well should be. The list continues...

Even More Halloween Songs and Videos

Like all good (or is it bad) scary movies, my original Halloween music post for 2011 spawned not just one sequel, but has, with this post, become a full-on trilogy. Chuck Cheesman has offered up his Halloween song "Halloween Freak Out!" from his latest album Dancing With No Shoes On as a free download for the next few days (and, really, who would want to listen to it on, say, Nov. 2nd?). Note: actual freaking out during the song is minimal. The download is available at the the top of this page. ScareMeScareYou.jpgBaze and His Silly Friends are offering up a free download of their 2009 song "Scare Me, Scare You." Number of times "scary" is in the title = 2. Actual level of scariness = 0.1 (but that's OK!) Download the track here or via the widget below.

So Many Ways To Follow Kids Music, So Little Time

Kindle.jpgThere are so many ways to keep up with me. And while I love the idea of this website, and people interacting with me and with others here, I know that that's not always the way people read me. So I have a good half-dozen other ways for you stay in touch. A while back I started to publish this very website on the Amazon Kindle platform. It was sort of a beta thing, so I didn't publicize it here, but now that people are actually paying to subscribe, I figure it's ready for primetime. For less than a buck a month, you can get Zooglobble automagically delivered to your Kindle (or Kindle app) and never worry about missing another cheap joke, gratuitous use of exclamation points, and general giddiness (or the latest interviews, reviews, and news about the family music genre). Just go here to subscribe -- you automatically get a 14-day free trial period. For those of you who want to follow me in other ways, here's a handy roundup of other ways you may already be following me: -- Facebook: I use this social media platform the most. Which is to say, not a lot, but enough. Sign up now, and you can be one of the last members of the "under 1,000 fans" club (because I'm just about at a thousand fans). -- Twitter: I'm definitely not a power user -- Ashton Kutcher gets more views of a single tweet of his than I have in my lifetime. But every now and then I go through a Twittering spurt. -- YouTube: I've got a bunch of great live videos from a bunch of great kids music artists, and it's always growing. -- Cafepress: Want to buy something with Brandon Reese's excellent Zooglobble logo on it? Then here you go... -- Applications: I've got apps that monitor my website and my Twitter feed. (One more reason for me to tweet a little more, right?) Get the Android app here. For iOS users (like me), if you go here with your iPhone, etc., you'll be offered the option of placing the mobile web app on your home screen. My Myspace page is still alive, but I think I'll spare you that one. Finally, I've got a newsletter, which comes in two flavors: 1) national, and 2) Arizona-specific. Both are really different newsletters -- I wouldn't recommend the Arizona one if you're not living here, but if you love have yet one more occasional newsletter in your e-mail, sign up for both!
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Share: Lunch Money's Original Friend

OriginalFriend.jpgAh, it's Grammy nominating time, and artists are doing as much lobbying as they can... in very subtle, non-obtrusive ways, because all that lobbying that movie folks do for Oscar votes is frowned upon by the Grammy folks. South Carolina Lunch Money band is by no means the only artist to toot their horns (go here to stream another excellent album on the Grammy ballot), but their page letting you download the album for free is, like the album and the band itself, understated, witty, and generous. So go here and download Original Friend for free. And tell someone else about it, even if "Grammy" means "grandmother" to them. (Need more convincing? Read this.)