Contest: Win Pete Seeger's "Tomorrow's Children"

TomorrowsChildren.jpgPete Seeger has a new album out this week. That's right, 91 years old, and Pete's still recording music and building community. Or is it the other way 'round? He's released Tomorrow's Children, a collection of all-new recordings, and I have a copy courtesy of Appleseed Recordings for one lucky Zooglobble reader. That's right, somebody will win a copy of Pete's latest album, recorded with guests such as Dar Williams and local kids the Rivertown Kids, a group of kids whose classroom Pete regularly visited back in 2007 and who share songwriting credits on some of the tracks here. (It's about 180 degrees from a Kidz Bop album.) For more details on the album, go here. To enter the contest, just leave a comment below with who else you think Seeger should duet with when he records his next album. Entries are due by Sunday, August 8 at 8 PM West Coast time. I'll pick one commenter randomly and notify them by e-mail. Thanks and good luck!

Share: "Oh, John the Rabbit" - Elizabeth Mitchell

SunnyDay.jpgAs previously noted, Elizabeth Mitchell will be releasing her next family music album, Sunny Day, later this year, October 5, to be exact. And she's just released a super-cute video for one of the tracks on the new disk, "Oh, John the Rabbit." You can view the video here. It's pretty simple, with Elizabeth, Daniel, Storey, bunnies, and a bunch of other kids. "John the Rabbit" is a pretty classic call-and-response song, one that Mitchell recorded on her very first kids album, You Are My Flower. Storey wasn't even born when that album was released more than a decade ago; to have her join in on this version seems pretty cool. Anyway, if you like the video, you can also download the mp3 from that page as well for the price of an e-mail. Update: The video's now on YouTube... Elizabeth Mitchell - "Oh, John the Rabbit" [YouTube]

Itty-Bitty Review: "Luckiest Adventure" - Lucky Diaz

LuckiestAdventure.jpgYou can make a big impression in a small amount of time. With his debut family EP Luckiest Adventure, Lucky Diaz proves you can do it in about fifteen minutes. The singer-songwriter from LA has put together five fabulous songs that will probably stay lodged in your iTunes playlist, car CD player, and brain for a long time after you first hear it. "Blue Bear" is a shuffling rockabilly tune that must spontaneously generate handclapping solos in concert. It's followed by "Explorer," which has a bit of a laid-back Jack Johnson feel mixed with some nifty fret work from Diaz. "Fire Fighter Girl" apes the girl-group sound of fifty years ago, "Let Me Be Yours" sounds like a folk-rock love song for adults but works in a knock-knock joke (sort of), and the album concludes with an rootsy power-pop take on "This Old Man" -- complete with an appearance by the man himself. Diaz has a versatile voice that can do the big choruses and falsettos equally well, and it's ably backed up by the trio (Diaz and a couple others). The songs are most appropriate for kids ages 3 through 6. You can download the album on iTunes or Amazon, and you can stream 3 of the songs at Diaz's website. On Luckiest Adventure, Diaz has put more really good songs on a 5-song EP than a lot of artists fit in on an entire full-length. Full-length pronto, please. Definitely recommended.

Radio Playlist: New Music July 2010

Time for some new music to the Zooglobble Radio Station. A bunch of music has crossed my desk over the past month or two, and I know there's a bunch of albums that I haven't been able to squeeze in here (guess it won't be hard to put together New Music August 2010). This playlist airs in the mid-afternoons (West Coast time), but if you can't listen in the afternoon, the tracks are scattered throughout the day, too. Animal Friends - Poochamungas (Mud, Mommies and Mayhem) F & G - The Pop Ups (Outside Voices) America's Our Country - David Tobocman Moon Moon Moon (Alternate Version) - Laurie Berkner (The Best Of The Laurie Berkner Band) What A Big Wide World - Essie Jain (Until The Light Of Morning) Right Now - Jon Samson (Another Kids Album) Mariposa Mi Nina - The Bramble Jam (Move Your Boots) Va A La Playa - Mo Phillips (Robot Rodeo) Hard On You - Skyboat (On Trinity Street) All God's Critters - Kathryn Christian (I'm a Michigan Kid) I Want a Cookie - The Rozz and Val Show (The Rozz and Val Show) Turn the Sunshine On - Cathy Heller (Life is Good) Together Like You And Me - Brendan Parker (Spaghetti Eddie! And Other Children's Songs) on top of spaghetti - The Primate Fiasco (Wheels On The Bus) Tommy Got In Trouble - The Bazillions (Rock-n-Roll Recess) NOT! - Geff Crawford (Recess) The Cul-de-Sac Kids - Paul Rogers (The Cul-de-Sac Kids) Cumbia - Spencer the Gardener (Organic Gangster Vol. 1) Yonder Come Day - Gina Samardge (Together) Super Smart Guy - Daniel Schorr (I Smart) Explorer - Lucky Diaz (Luckiest Adventure) This list is random, and, due to internet broadcast rules, you'll hear them randomly on air as well...

Itty-Bitty Review: Move Over Lullabies... It's Time for Wake Up Songs! - The Flannery Brothers

WakeUpSongs.jpgLet's see if I can write the review for Move Over Lullabies... It's Time for Wake Up Songs!, the spring EP from Maine's Flannery Brothers, in less time than it takes to listen to the album itself - just 15 minutes. (A lot less than the amount of time I spun the disk, that's for sure.) It's a novel twist on the standard kids music trope, the lullaby album. That's right, with its bright yellow cover and a picture of a very friendly-looking dog on the back, it's an album designed to get your kids up and at 'em bright and early. If they listen to the disk before you have your coffee or yoga or morning routine of choice, you run the risk of premature grumpiness, because in less than 15 minutes, they will be excited for the day ("The Wake-Up Song"), grooving to a kazoo-playing dog ("In the Morning") and shaking like you've just given them their sixth latte ("Shake!" - a title which appears to be missing about four exclamation points). With the piano, guitar/bass, and drum trio, it's got a very sunny feel -- a little West Coast jazz for the kids. Kids ages 3 through 7 will most likely groove to the tracks here, a couple of which can be heard at the brothers' music player at their home page. I think preschool teachers will especially find a song or two on here worth incorporating into their morning routines. As for the rest of us, if this were 40 minutes long, the relentless cheerfulness might wear some folks down, but at 15 minutes in length, it's an excellent dose of orange juice for first thing in the morning. If that's what you need, this is for you. Recommended. Disclosure: I received a copy of the album for possible review. Also, I think it took me about 20 minutes to write this. Oh well.