Video: "Mary" (Live) - The Boogers

I believe it to be a truism that "children dancing" = good. Therefore, this video = good, in a pogo-ing sort of way. Add in a rendition of "Mary Had a Little Lamb," some good stop-go thrown in, and this is a fun little 2-minute video of The Boogers live. The Boogers - "Mary" (Live at the Wonder Works Children's Museum)

Stream The New Robbert Bobbert Albbum

Normally, I'd (attempt to) write something witty, but I'm crazy busy this week. ABC News' Amplified, their weekly indie rock show (who knew?) is streaming the upcoming self-titled debut from Robert Schneider's Robbert Bobbert and the Bubble Machine. Go here. Make sure you check out "We R Super Heroes" if nothing else. Robbert Bobbert and the Bubble Machine is out Feb. 17 on Little Monster Records.

Kylie Minogue Records Song With The Wiggles

Like the title says. "I might even grab a shirt and go on tour with the boys. I'm not sure what colour I will be," says Minogue. I know she's kidding, but I think a Kylie Minogue / Wiggles tour would be the Biggest. Tour. Of. All. Time. It could not lose. The new track (name unknown) will appear on the Wiggles' new album, The Wiggles Go Bananas.

Interview: Doug Snyder (The Jellydots)

Finally had the chance to upload (and post) a nice little interview with the genius behind The Jellydots, Doug Snyder. He played a couple sweet shows here in Phoenix a couple weeks back, and I caught him in between sets. We talked about his guitar, work on his upcoming album, and other Jellydot-ian news. (Oh, and Little Boy Blue wandered in occasionally, so apologies for the odd camera angles for some of the interview.)

Contest: Win "Dizzy" From Lunch Money!

DizzyCover1.jpgA while back, I suggested that preordering Dizzy, the second album from South Carolina's Lunch Money would be an excellent pre-order. I have not wavered from that stance. Of course, you need not pre-order any longer. And, even better, I've got a copy of the excellent new album to give away, courtesy of Molly and her crew. Just list your favorite favorite food (note clever tie-in to the song "Ate Too Much of My Favorite Food" off the new album) in the comment section below. One entry per family, winner chosen at random, all entries due by 8 PM West Coast time Thursday night. Thanks and good luck (and, really, go ahead and get that CD anyway...)

Bunny Clogs Live! Film At 11. Or, Er, On 11.

Local TV morning shows aren't typically a kids' music hotbed, but every now and then it sneaks on between the recipes and weather. Witness the clip below from the Twin Cities' "Showcase Minnesota" show on Channel 11, which features the Bunny Clogs, or at least Adam Levy and his daughters on backup vocals singing the appealing "Midtown Greenway" from the fine More! More! More! disk. (Hat tip: this nice review of their Cedar Cultural Center record release show, replete with pictures, from the City Pages.)