Share: "Skywriter" (and more) - Baron Von Rumblebuss

baronvonrumblebuss.jpgIt's been awhile -- not quite light-years, but too long in any case -- since we in the rest of the solar system have heard new music from outer-space-via-Raleigh's space oddity Baron Von Rumblebuss, but it looks (and sounds) like that will change this year. The good rocker has posted three tracks for downloading at his Reverbnation page, including the dreamy "Skywriter" and the angular power-poppy "(It Wuzza) Boo-Boo." (There's also a P.S.A. called "Flush the Toilet." They're unmastered tracks from the Baron's upcoming album, and available for the price of an e-mail. (There are also 3 other tracks from the first BVR album available for streaming, which I highly recommend doing.) As for the new album, the Baron (who here on earth is also known as Tray Batson) reports that the new album will probably be out this summer. It'll be called Agreeably Loud (which is a pretty awesome kids music album title) and "will feature 'skits' and 'commercials' to mimic an intergalactic radio broadcast (the E- E- K)." Other tracks scheduled for inclusion on the album include "Helicopter," "Agreeably Loud", "(Ooh La, La) Play That Song," "I'm from Space," "Did You See Where the Cat Threw Up?", "Wait", "The Sound is the Thing, " and "Boulderboy." There's also another P.S.A called "Nobody Likes It When You Whine." Batson promises an "amp[ed] up... Python/SNL/Electric Co. stupid humor vibe on this one." Works for me.

Jimmies Chick Nixes Flick-Rockers Split

Ashley_videoshoot.jpgOr, to put it another way, the rumors of the Jimmies' demise have been greatly exaggerated. When I posted the first video from the band Tim and the Space Cadets, I didn't expect that most of the chatter in the comments would be about the status of the band the two founders of TATSC left, The Jimmies. I knew that the Jimmies weren't folding or anything of the sort, but pretty soon after I posted the video, I followed up with both chief Jimmie Ashley Albert and chief, er, Space Cadet Tim Kubart to find out the real story... So why the split (which happened in 2008)?

Video: "Tap Dancer" - Molly Ledford (Lunch Money)

molly-cookie-head.jpgOh, sure, you can go check out Molly Ledford: Songs, the new song blog from Lunch Money songwriter extraordinaire Molly Ledford. 'Cuz, yeah, there are lots of cool songs there. But my favorite unreleased track from Molly thus far isn't even on the blog. It's called "Tap Dancer" -- you can watch and listen to it below. Molly notes that it won't be on the upcoming Lunch Money disk Original Friend but that "it will be on something eventually." I really dig the bluesy turn the bridge takes. And I think more kids songs should use the word "Arabesque." I should use the word "Arabesque." Molly Ledford (Lunch Money) - "Tap Dancer"

Tapdancer from Jay Barry on Vimeo.

Interview: Sara Hickman

Sara_blue_guitar_thumb.jpgThe question I wanted to ask Sara Hickman but didn't was, "So when do you sleep?" Because with all things Hickman does on a regular basis, it seems like the answer might be, "Every other Thursday between 2 and 3 AM in months with the letter 'e'." It starts out with the music -- she's been recording and touring for nearly a quarter-century (I always loved her debut Equal Scary People) and making music for families, starting with the release of Newborn in 1999, followed by Toddler and Big Kid. But in addition to that she paints, advocates, and for those of us who've met her, even briefly, is a force of nature for positivity. Now she'll be spending the next year as the Official Texas State Musician, using her musical bully pulpit to promote, among other things, making music as families through her Family Time Rocks. Aaaaaannnd, she found time to answer a few questions. Read on for more details on Family Time Rocks, her musical upbringing, and teaching her kids to sing in three-part harmony. Zooglobble: What were your first musical memories? Sara Hickman: My mom says I was singing before I was talking, humming little notes and melodies. But I distinctly remember sitting with my tape recorder, around age 6 or 7, and writing songs, making up commercials, creating skits a la Carol Burnett, recording and laughing myself silly. I also remember getting on stage at 7 or 8 and singing, for the first time, on a microphone (wow! -- it was an epiphany to be amplified!) and on stage, singing in a school contest and winning first place for the poem about the bald eagle (I was the only one to sing their entry). I recently found a RECORDING of me singing the song as a child on an old cassette!!! When did you decide that you wanted to make making music your career? I just always knew. I never thought about doing anything else, although I did have a huge interest in paleontology and becoming an underwater architect! What prompted you record (and more importantly, release) your first kids' CD, Newborn?