Video: "Campfire Song" - Orange Sherbet with Hot Buttered Rum

One of the 2007 albums that just missed making my list of 20 favorite kids music albums of 2007 was Campfire Sing-Along from the Bay Area band Orange Sherbet with some help from the band Hot Buttered Rum (here's the review). I've been a little sad that the CD didn't get more attention, so I'm happy to have an excuse to provide more attention myself. I've found a video that the band put together with the artist Sarah Klein. Klein is friends with Orange Sherbet singer-songwriter Tamsen Fynn and will be showing a couple of her short films at the San Francisco Bay Area International Children's Film Festival this weekend. You can see the hand-animated "On the Farm" here (direct link to broadband version) and the live-action bread-filled "Feed the Starter" here (again, direct link to broadband version). They're both cute, in different ways But those are from an older Orange Sherbet album, and I'm all about the new. (Usually.) So I'm most excited to find the hand-animated video for Campfire Sing-Along's leadoff track, "Campfire Song" (broadband link here). As you might expect, it involves a bear, which I always find to be a good thing.

If Spring is Too Early and Summer Too Late for Your Kids Music Festival Needs...

Kansas City kids musician Funky Mama (aka Krista Eyler) pointed out yesterday that Kansas City, Missouri will host its host its own kids music festival, the first Kansas City Jiggle Jam Family Fest, Memorial Day weekend (Saturday and Sunday, May 24 and 25). "Don't forget the Midwest family music," asks Eyler, and with a lineup including They Might Be Giants, Justin Roberts, Trout Fishing in America, Tom Chapin, John McCutcheon, not to mention KC-area favorites Jim Cosgrove and Funky Mama, it would be hard to. Especially when the cost per day is $10/kid ($8 in advance, kids under 2 free) and $5/adult. Heck, at those ticket prices, you're losing money if you don't pack those kids of yours into the car/minivan/refurbished school bus and head out. (Hey, I spent a number of years in the Midwest -- can't ever forget the Midwest family music.) Anybody else have some sweet tours or multi-multi-artist festivals they know of? Let me know...

For Those Who Can't Wait For Summer Music Festivals

Perhaps you're thinking you don't want to wait until August or September to see a whole bunch of kids' music artists. Perhaps you're also thinking, hey, I'd like to see the Judds reunite! (Coachella's got Portishead, you decide which you'd prefer.) Well, then, Coachella's countryfied cousin, Stagecoach has come to rescue. In addition to booking the Eagles for the festival's second, Stagecoach also is doing its Half-Pint Hootenanny once more and announced its lineup today, with some familiar names on the list: Brady Rymer Buck Howdy with BB The Bummkinn Band Tom Freund and Friends Uncle Ron and Aunt Sandii Kid Fiddlers The Bon Family and California All-Star Cloggers Croakers Youth/Family Square Dancers Club That's a decent lineup there. Stagecoach is May 2 through 4 in Indio, California. And what if you prefer Austin in springtime?

In Case You're A Little Tired of Dan Zanes

I think the world of Dan Zanes. But I'm willing to acknowledge that not quite everyone is as OK with the pied piper of family music as I am. Mark Foley, the creator of New York's One Man Blam, has put his own take on Mr. Zanes up on YouTube. Now, considering that in the very description of the video, Foley says, "Dan Zanes & Company do such great work, who can resist joining in the fun?," it's clear from the get-go that the phrase "gentle satire" was created for stuff like this. "Well, I don't have a tangerine suit / Or a fiddler in hot pink tights," Foley starts out, then later notes that "I threw out the very same duds / He got in an old thrift shop." He's aiming Nerf balls at Zanes, but he's certainly hitting the target. Considering the other songs Foley's made available, Foley is clearly mining the same seam Zanes has mined with such success. And I've got to believe that Zanes himself would probably completely approve what Foley's doing with One Man Blam and Volunteer Music, which brings "free concerts for underserved communities and worthy civic initiatives." He, uh, just doesn't have the distribution deal with Starbucks. One Man Blam (Mark Foley) - "Dan Zanes Blues" Now where did I put that DZ ukelele of mine?...

New Music: Barenaked Ladies' "Pollywog in a Bog" (On Cruise Ship)

Not wanting to wait to hear music from the Barenaked Ladies' May album-length foray into kids' music, Snacktime? Well, then, get yourself to a cruise ship! (Huh?) The band hosted their "Ships & Dip III" Caribbean cruise in late January (hmmm, wonder how much interest there would be in a Zooglobble cruise?). The Brothers Creeggan, a BNL side project featuring BNL bassist Jim Creeggan and former member Andy Creeggan, played a show which included Jim's "Pollywog in a Bog," from the upcoming album. It's a mid-tempo reggae tune and here, at least, also features a mid-song dancehall rap. So who's with me on Zooglobble cruise idea? How about renting a paddle boat?

Elephants in the Outfield?: Justin Roberts' "Pop Fly" Album Cover

PopFlyPromo.gifYou know, why stop at showing album art from one eagerly anticipated 2008 release when you can show two. This is from Pop Fly, the sixth kids album from Justin Roberts. Sarajo Frieden, who did the artwork for Roberts' masterful Meltdown! CD (and, yes, I did use the word "masterful," it is and I won't brook an argument), does the honors once more. I see elephants standing out in what would appear to be right field. Not sure if there are some imaginary rhinos there. And, yes, I did take the cover from Justin's website. Was it the "New CD" sign that gave it away? Pop Fly is out on Carpet Square Records April 15.