New York City-Area Families Viewed Jealously By Phoenix-Area Dad

I talked a couple weeks ago about the best places to see kids music live, but I specifically excluded summer festivals from my list. Now, sometimes those are big weekend festivals like Kidzapalooza or the KC Jiggle Jam, but they could also include ongoing series like Mad. Sq. Kids (that's their abbreviation, not mine) in New York City. It's their ninth season, and their lineup this year includes Elizabeth Mitchell, Father Goose, Trout Fishing in America, AudraRox, the Deedle Deedle Dees, Dog on Fleas, The Jimmies, and more. For free.

Sigh. If you live in NYC (or visit between June 9 and August 13), your cup runneth over. Here's the lineup:

Mad. Sq. Kids 2009 Lineup:

June 9 David Weinstone with the Music for Aardvarks Band
June 11 Bubble do Beatles
June 16 Elizabeth Mitchell
June 18 Father Goose
June 23 Erin Lee & Marci
June 25 Opus Ditty and the Hoedown Gang
June 30 The Jimmies
July 2 Moey's Music Party
July 7 Hot Peas N' Butter
July 9 Ernie and Neal
July 14 AudraRox
July 16 Trout Fishing in America
July 21 Jazz-a-ma-tazz with Hayes Greenfield
July 23 The Suzi Shelton Band
July 28 Dirty Sock Funtime Band
July 30 Astrograss
August 4 The Deedle Deedle Dee's
August 6 Dog on Fleas
August 11 Danna Banana
August 13 Robbi K.