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[That's funnier if you read it to the melody of TMBG's "Bed Bed Bed"]

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Listen To This: "Craft Night" - The Pop Ups (World Premiere)


Yay for new music from The Pop Ups!  Their new album Appetite for Construction is set to be released a week from today on August 19th and they're rolling out premieres for the songs all over the kindiewebs.

As part of that virtual tour, I get the pleasure today of offering you the world premiere of "Craft Night," the synthesized, dare I say glittery, track celebrating, well, craft nights.  (Stream it via the widget below or go directly here.)  I know that Hall & Oates were great, but how often did you get to make your own flag craft to the strains "Maneater"?  If you like the beautiful things in this song, there's more where that came from (preorder the album on iTunes and Amazon).

Weekly Summary (8/4/14 - 8/10/14)

Video: "Costume Party" - The Pop Ups


This is such a sweet little video from The Pop Ups.  It's for their song "Costume Party" off their forthcoming release Appetite for Construction.  (Preorder it on iTunes here and Amazon here.)  The premise of the song is simple -- it's OK to wear all types of different clothes -- and the gentle groove serves as perfect accompaniment to the feeling of acceptance in the lyrics.  The video, meanwhile, features the duo (and puppets, and kids) goofing around with different clothes.  It's a feel-good song and video in more ways than one.  (Hat tip: OWTK's Jeff Bogle, premiering the video on Huffington Post.)

The Pop Ups - "Costume Party" [YouTube]

Weekly Summary (4/7/14 - 4/13/14)

Video: "All These Shapes" - The Pop Ups (plus free download!)

When it comes to '80s-aping synth-pop kindie tunes, there is nobody who's currently writing them any better than The Pop Ups"Box of Crayons," the lead single from their latest album, Radio Jungle, was awesome, and they've earned their next "awesome lead single" badge for the song "All These Shapes."  It's the first track on Appetite for Construction, their eagerly-anticipated third album, out later this spring. (They've also earned their "awesome album title" badge, as well.)

The song is wonderful -- a soaring, synth-y chorus, and lyrics that both inspire the little ones (and maybe the big ones) and have enough Easter eggs of lyrical content to keep the big ones amused.  The video, featuring hand-drawn art from Pop Up Jacob Stein (if you see them in concert, you'll know that drawing is a feature of their gigs), illustrates (in many ways) the themes of the song.  Much fun.

The Pop Ups - "All These Shapes" [YouTube] (via Cooper & Kid)

P.S. -- would you like a free download of the song?  Here you go: